Youth and Junior Trial Games

Internal trial games have been organised for Sunday 17th March.

Teams won’t have their playing shirts available for this Sunday so we will look to provide bibs for the players to wear.  

Games will be held at the Forest High School.  

Please beg, steal, or borrow players to ensure your team can participate.  If your team can’t, please let your relevant VP know ASAP.

They are forecasting quite a lot of rain over the next day or so which might require as to cancel the trial games but we will remain optimistic!

Following is the schedule of games for this Sunday:

Wakehurst Football Club - Trial Games - Sunday 17th March 2019
Forest High #1
Time Home Away
8:00 am U15-1 U16-1
9:20 am U12-4 U13-4
10:30 am U12-2 U11 Iguanas*
11:40 am U12-1 U13-3
12:50 pm U14-4 U15-3
2:00 pm U14-3 U15-2B
3:10 pm U14-2 U15-2A
4:20 pm U16-3 U18-4
Forest High #2
Time Home Away
9:00 am U10 Thunder U11 Lizards
10:00 am U10 Storm U11 Geckoes
11:00 am U10 Lightning U11 Goannas
12:00 pm U10 Cyclones U10 Tornadoes
1:00 pm U10 Typhoons U10 Hurricanes
2:00 PM U12-5** U11 Monitors
* U11 Iguanas to play 11-a-side
** U12-5's to play 9-a-side