Trial Games v Pittwater Sunday 18th March

Despite the forecast warm weather for tomorrow, Sunday 18th March 2018, trial games are still scheduled to go ahead unless otherwise advised. Games will be cancelled once the air temperature climbs above 32C.

Football NSW advises that children's (up to U16) games should not be conducted when the air temperature is over 32C. If the forecast is correct (they aren't always so), the temperature threshold is likely to be crossed sometime after 11am tomorrow. As a reference point, we are using the air temperature published by the BOM's Terrey Hills weather station. It’s updated every half hour. Some smartphone apps already use that as their source of information. Please don't start a game if the temperature is clearly rising and it's already very close to the 32C threshold. We want to play as many games as we can but at the same time we want to use commonsense and stay safe.

We know it might be inconvenient to turn up and have your game cancelled but we think this is better than just cancelling all games.