As you may be aware the Northern Beaches Council has published the “Northern Beaches Sportsground and Golf Course Review Discussion Paper” and invited feedback from the community.

We have a window of opportunity now to secure more fields for the future which we may not see again for a very long time.

It is critical that we are the loudest, most compelling voice in this discussion. Council has stated that while the figures are all in support of their proposals, the final strategy will be determined by the 'will of the community' - essentially the loudest voice.

We need as many people as possible to complete the on-line survey and to fill in and support of all suggested options by the council. Specifically we need people to tick 'Very Supportive' of all options, and selection 'Option A' as the best course of action for the Strategy.

If you go to this link you can see the survey and what needs to be ticked.

The attached council flyer has some useful facts and figures as do the other reports which can be found here:

We are not looking to 'attack' other sports - we are simply in full support of the review and the implantation of ALL the suggested options the council has put forward (Better use of existing, additional synthetics, land release from Warriewood/Ingleside, converting of Golf Courses etc)

  • We support the comprehensive independent reports into the state of sports facilities on the Northern Beaches and the adoption of ALL suggested options - this is the only way we can guarantee the future for all sports on the Northern Beaches.
  • We support the fair and equitable use of public space for the entire community.
  • As it stands we are critically short of playing fields in the area and those we have are in very poor condition due to chronic over use.
  • As a code with near 18,000 members and growing, we are looking to ensure the future of Football in the area and looking to ensure we are able to cater to everyone who wants to play our game - without more fields we are going to struggle to do this.
  • The Report highlights that without adoption of all the suggested options we will be in no better, and potential far worse a state that we are now in the not too distant future.

Please take the time to complete the online survey before Sunday 7th May.

With thanks and kind regards,

Greg Dick
Wakehurst Football Club

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Mob: 0417 665 256