Summer Football - Final Round

Our hugely successful Summer Football signs off this Tuesday 10th March. There will be medal presentations for all division winners and free sausage sandwiches for all junior players.

Our Summer Football broke new ground this year by showing that girls can play against boys, and younger teams can play against older teams. This ensured a greater variety of opponents while at the same time offering games where teams were more closely matched.

We also broke new ground by partnering with the Manly Warringah Football Referees Association to officiate all our games. We had lots of positive feedback from players about the standard of refereeing. Manly thanks to all the referees, and the MWFRA, for a first-rate effort.

Special thanks to the organising committee who despite being challenged with storms, smoke, heat, and lights that wouldn't turn on, managed to get as many games played as were reasonably possible.

These are the medal games in their respective divisions. Teams listed first in each game finished higher on the table so in the event of a drawn game, they will be awarded as winners.

MX1AAM - The Dead ParrotsAAM - Didier Flogya
MX2U17 - Peter FCU15 - Digital Feathers
MX3U15 - LeopardsU15 - FFC
MX4U14 - BTH BeckhamsU12 - Nots Forest
MX5U12 - BenchwarmersU14 - The Wookies
MX6U14 - Saints 2.0U12 - Terminators
MX7U11 - Elimin8torsU10 - Pele Predators
MX8U11 - The PredatorsU10 - Wakehurst Weapons
MX9U10 - RedbacksU09 - The Floss
MX10U08 - BTH CrowsU09 - Tryhards
MX11U08 - Soccer StarsU10 - Llama Squad
MX12U09 - VulturesWU09 - Mini Matildas
MX13U07 - LeopardsWU09 - Dragons
O35O35 - Should Have BeensO35 - Sporting LegEnds
WO35WO35 - This is not a BYEWO35 - The Outsiders

We also want to acknowledge those teams who were best performed in their respective age groups over the course of the competition.

AAM - The Dead Parrots
O35 - Should Have Beens
WO35 - This is not a BYE
U18 - Beugs FC
U17 - Inter Lionel
U16 - Gamers
WU16 - Flamingos
U15 - Digital Feathers
WU15 - Sharpshooters
U14 - KFC Nuggets
WU14 - Scrambled Legs
U13 - Sweaty Tryhards
WU13 - Bluethunder 2.0
U12 - Nots Forest
WU12 - Booters
U11 - Elimin8tors
WU11 - Wakeosa Thundercats
U10 - Pele Predators
WU10 - Epic Superstars
U09 - Orange Justice
WU09 - Mini Matildas
U08 - BTH Crows
U07 - Young Blood
U06 - The Chameleons

Thank you to everyone involved for making this comp so successful. See you tomorrow night!