Registration 2014

ONLINE REGISTRATIONS for the 2014 season are now open. This year every player in Australia is being asked by Football Federation Australia to register with their club through the FFA's website

If you are new to Football and have any questions, or would prefer to register with us in person, come along to our registration day on SUNDAY 2nd February 9 to 4pm at Lionel Watt club house, Blackbutts Road, FRENCHS FOREST. Club representitives from every age group will be there to answer all your questions and to assist you to register.

Below you will see a Step-by-Step guide on how to register online.

Age Group Fee Age Group Fee
U6 & U7 $155 W U10 & W U11 $170
U8 & U9 $160 W U12 to W U14 $190
U10 & U11 $170 W U16 $195
U12 to U15 $190 W U18 $220
U16 $195 W Premier League $315*
M U18 $220 W All Age Div 2+ $295*
M U21 $290* W O35 $295
M Premier League $355*
M All Age Div 1 $345*    
M All Age Div 2+ $295*    
M O35 & O45 $295    

Please note you must be born in 2008 or 2009 to be able to play in Under 6.

Discounts are available to family members including dependent children under 18 and their parents and you can choose this as an add on when you register online. The family discount is applied in order of decreasing age.

Please pay full amount for the first player, and then choose 2nd player add on for the second registration, and 3rd player add on for the third registration etc

2nd player - $5 discount

3rd player - $20 discount

4th player - $50 discount

5th player - FREE

If you are a student, and pay the student price, please e-mail a copy of your valid student card to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


WAKEHURST FC Player Registration

Please follow the following instructions to register online for the club.


1. Go to the MyFootballClub website:

2. Click on "Register Now"

3. Select "Player Registration" at the bottom of the page.

4. Select the first option – "Click here to proceed to the login pages"

5. Login using your FFA number and password:

• FFA Number:
• Password:

Start Registration

6. After you log in click on "Make a Registration" or "Register Now".

7. Check that your contact details are correct.

rego image8. Make sure your photo is recent and appropriate. Registrations with in-appropriate photos will be rejected! Photos must be a passport style photo from the shoulders up with no hats or sunglasses.

9. Make sure the mandatory fields have been entered and click the "Proceed with Registration" button.

10. On the next screen, enter in the club name which is Wakehurst Football Club. (If you get a message saying there are no packages then click OK and check the club name.)

11. Select the Registration role as: "Player". (Note: If this is the first time you have registered to play football in Australia you will need to confirm whether you played in another country.)

12. Select the correct Registration Package that applies for your registration.

Sub Juniors Juniors Youth Senior Men Junior Women Senior Women
Under 6 (2008-2009) Under 9 (2005) Under 12 (2002) Under 18 (1996-1997) Women Under 10 (2004)
Women Under 18 (1996-1997)
Under 7 (2007) Under 10 (2004) Under 13 (2001) Under 21 (1993-1995) Women Under 11 (2003)
Womens Premier League (U16+)
Under 8 (2006) Under 11 (2003) Under 14 (2000) Mens Premier League (U16+) Women Under 12 (2002)
Women All Age 2+ (U16+)
    Under 15 (1999) All Age 1 (U16+) Women Under 13 (2001)
Women Over 35's (1978 or earlier)
    Under 16 (1998) All Age 2+ (U16+) Women Under 14 (2000)
      Over 35's (1978 or before) Women Under 16 (1999)
      Over 45's (1968 or before)    

13. Then click the "Add" button.

14. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen.

15. Answer the Yes/No question at the top. Read and acknowledge all the Terms and Conditions then click Next.

16. Click on "Pay Now" to pay online with a credit card (VISA or MasterCard). If you choose this option you will also be charged a 3% processing fee by My Football Club. Alternatively you can select the "Invoice Me" button if you want to pay at our club registration day or subsequent grading days. Payment by credit card at the club will attract at 2% processing fee. You can avoid any processing fees by paying with cash or cheque or preferably by depositing direct to the club's bank account (BSB: 082132, Account Number: 831627795). If using direct deposit please ensure you include your FFA number or surname as the payment reference. Payment must be made before a registration can be accepted.

17. Answer the questions on the last page and click the "Save All Answers" button.

Your registration has now been submitted. Make sure you have paid your fees and completed any necessary ID checks, etc.

Where do I go if I need help with my registration?
If you have any trouble with your registration you can use the following resources to help you.
• Visit the FAQ's page on the MyFootballClub website.
• View the Player Registration guides and videos which are on the Resources page of the MyFootballClub website.
• Call FFA Support Centre (02) 8020 4199 particularly if you are having problems with your password to login.