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Jorge Arias

Current 18/1s boss Jorge Arias has seen it all during his time at the club. He speaks to WFC about picking up the pieces after ‘that’ Brookvale defection, his philosophy on football and why he thinks Australia should import more South American coaches into the country.

You've spent several years with your core of your current team. Tell us about the transformation of the team in this time and what still needs improving.
I would like to think that I have helped them become better alround players. I think they have more of a winning frame of mind when they take the field now. We have made the Semi finals over the last two years and some of my first team from 16/1's a few years ago are still with me. As coaches, we always need to work on technique and working on playing possession football. We need more improvement in keeping the ball and also improve how we stand on the pitch when we don't have the ball. I have also started to work harder on correct decision making in game situations.

What is your philosophy on football? What is the kind of style that you like your teams to play?
My philosophy on football is simple, it's a beautiful game and you need to play the most beautiful football you can. As everyone knows, I love my Uruguayan national team and their success is all about respect, humanity, team morale, belief and pure passion for your jersey. I like my teams to play attacking; passionate football that dominate possession and makes people make the effort to come and watch.

What is the hardest part of coaching an 18/1s side?
I was 17 once too so don't take this the wrong way but, I have seen many, many players with amazing talent throw it all away to partying, late nights before games and not working hard enough on their football. I guess we only have our youth once so it's hard to balance sometimes. I guess it depends how far you really want to go in the game. A good successful education is the most important however.>

When there was the defection to Brookvale, you effectively took the leftovers and turned them into an extremely competitive div1 side. Tell us about how you did this.
Belief in their ability was the key and that willingness to win and work hard at their game. I did have some quality players to work with from the start and that helps. I always thought that my coaching role with the club is one of developing players from around 15 to 18's where they will hopefully be ready to move to PL's and who knows beyond that for some.

What was it like playing against Brookvale in 'that' semi final and knocking them out on Cromer 1?
As a coach and as a player, these are the games you love to play. Not many gave us a chance but to be honest, I knew we were up for it. The group had belief and had worked harder leading up to the Semi Finals. I will never forget the look on the players faces at half time and at full time. Those moments were what coaching for me is all about as the belief and passion was memorable. Brookvale will always be a traditional rival for Wakehurst and this win will never be forgotten by this coach. Unfortunately, we were narrowly beaten in the final but it was a great moment in that season.

What are your thoughts of the FFA's 4-3-3, as a development tool?
I believe it is just that, a development tool. I strongly believe that you need to play to your strength and teams and players need to adjust to 3 or possibly 4 playing formations depending on your opposition and situation. I do think the FFA is doing well in the development of the game in Australia. It may be a bias point of view, however I think Australia desperately needs more South American coaches. Japan started more than 15 years ago and hey have progressed well in the world game. Just a thought.

Who is the most talented individual you've coached at the club?
There have been two or three in particular which I don't want to name. One of these three could have gone far with dedication and focus. This is one of the most frustrating and disappointing things about coaching but you need to move on and work with the ones that are still keen to develop and play the game. I see a lot of talent in this club and who knows perhaps several A- League players of the future.

What does the future hold for Jorge Arias at Wakehurst, and indeed in 2013?
I don't think past this year and my current team. I owe my current team my complete focus and support to try and make them all better players and hopefully winners not only on the field but off it. I do want to coach at a higher level and who knows if I can find $2,000 I will complete the C license so I will be considered. If you push me, I would say that another year with this 18/1's would be interesting. David Brennan has done a great job with the majority of this team over the past 3 or 4 years and now it's up to me to help them take another step in their development. If Real Madrid or Barca come calling it will be a tough choice. he he.